Agricultural chemicals (agrochemical) are a common component of rural communities and farms. These may include any number of products from pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers (e.g., anhydrous ammonia) to diesel fuel or disinfectant products.

Many of these products can be hazardous if used inappropriately. Product labels contain important information for the safe and appropriate use for agrochemical products, but are often overlooked. Additionally, some can be the target of thefts for illegal use (e.g., methamphetamine production).

Precautions must also be taken to prevent chemical accidents or spills that can affect the individual, community and environment. Prevention measures include understanding the proper use of these chemical and any safety issues involved, knowing the actions to take in the event of a chemical accident or spill, as well as implementing measures to deter theft of any agricultural chemicals.

Learn more about agrochemical safety and security to protect yourself, your farm, and community with the following resources.

Important Web Resources

National Pesticide Information Center
A database of pesticide information for all audiences. Includes general information for individuals, details on specific pesticides for farmers, and regulations for manufacturers.
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
National Poison Center Hotline
Poison Help Line at 1-800-222-1222
American Association of Poison Control Centers
National Response Center
Report oil or chemical spills online or at 800-424-8802.
U.S. Coast Guard
State Pesticide Regulatory Agencies
Find your state pesticide regulatory agency.
National Pesticide Information Center