Photo Source: U.S. Department of Agriculture Natural Resource Conservation Service.

Biological Emergencies

Biological emergencies in rural communities can include pandemic threats, emerging and high consequence diseases – many of which are zoonotic – and food safety recall situations. The microorganisms involved in these situations are of special concern based on their ability to spread rapidly, cause severe disease or illness, or economic impacts. Humans, animals, even crops can be affected.

Preparedness for these situations involves implementing preventive measures before the event, as well as staying informed and taking the needed precautions during the situation.

Learn more about possible biological emergencies in rural communities, their potential to impact human or animal health or cause economic disruption. Planning ahead for these situations can help to protect yourself, your family, your animals and crops, and your business.

Biological Emergencies Preparedness Resources

Find information and resources to help you prepare for biological emergency situations.

Pandemic Flu
Emerging Diseases
Food Safety Recalls

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