Wildfires and Your Farm

Wildfires and Your Farm

A wildfire can significantly disrupt your farming operation, both during and after an event. By taking steps before a wildfire, this disruption can be limited and recovering from a major incident may be expedited.

Use this checklist to get started preparing your farm before a wildfire and learn what to do during and after a wildfire situation.

Wildfires and Your Farm [PDF]

Determine the risk of wildfire in your area

Active Weather Alerts and Forecasts
Map showing active weather alerts and forcast maps.
National Weather Service
Fire Weather and Current Hazards
Map showing current large fire incidents
USDA Forest Service

Know the Terminology

Fire Weather Watch: issued when the potential for severe fire weather exists in the near future – usually in 12 and 24 hours – but sometimes days in advance.

Red Flag Warning: issued to indicate the imminent danger of severe fire weather with a relatively high probability of occurrence.

Before a Wildfire

  • Practice proper rangeland management.
  • Store equipment in safe locations.
  • Keep up-to-date records.
  • Protect hay or forage supplies.
  • Alter day-to-day activities.

During a Wildfire

  • Listen to the radio or television for situation developments, evacuation instructions and routes, and road closures.
  • If time permits, and it can be done safely:
  • Move equipment to fire-resistant area.
  • Assist with water access.
  • Build fire breaks.

After a Wildfire

  • Contact your insurance agent.
  • Take pictures and document damage to equipment, crops, or structures.
  • Be careful moving damaged structures or burned hay.
  • Determine eligibility for federal assistance.
  • Contact your local extension agent or FSA office.https://www.fsa.usda.gov/state-offices/index

For more information, see the "Wildfires and your Farm" factsheet above.

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