Wildfires and your Livestock

Wildfires and Your Livestock

Livestock can be lost, injured, or killed during a wildfire. Producers can take the following actions to protect their livestock before a wildfire and begin to recovery after a wildfire has occured.

Use this checklist to get started making preparations for your livestock before a wildfire and learn what to do during and after a wildfire situation.

Wildfires and Your Livestock [PDF]

Before a Wildfire

  • Maintain detailed livesock records.
  • Use clearly distinguishable identification methods.
  • Emply land use practices that discourage fire spread (e.g., limit weeds, debris, or highly flammable trees and bushes in fencerows).

During a Wildfire

  • Above all, ensure the safety of your family and yourself in a wildfire situation.
  • If it can be done safely, allow for animal movement.
  • Proactively corral animals to prepare for off-farm movement.
  • Once you leave your property, do not return until told to do so by first responders.
  • Communicate with neighbors and/or first responders if animal are left on your property after you evacuate.
  • Use emergency identificcation methods (e.g., spray paint) if needed.

After a Wildfire

  • Document livestock losses (e.g., take photos at the location found).
  • Contact your insurance agent.
  • Do not move animals until approved by insurance or local, state or federal authorities.
  • If animals are severely injured, use only safe and humane euthanasia methods .
  • Dispose of carcasses. Check with local or state authorities for proper methods.
  • Determine eligibility for federal assistance.
  • Accept emotional or mental health assistance. Losing livestock can be a traumatic experience.

For more information, see the "Wildfires and your Farm" factsheet above.

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